19 January 2020

Never mind Brexit, the political tensions or the financial struggles, one thing that remains a given is the expectation that wherever we go – be that online, over the phone or face to face – a positive customer service is what we want to receive.

It's no different for our customers. Although they have limited choice about who their landlord is, our customers should expect the best service to enable them to live happily in their homes, especially as they need that service 24/7.

The challenge for most of us is how we can deliver a consistent service, especially when the services we provide are so numerous, varied and ongoing.

The starting point is the customer experience centre and getting the right people with the right attitude and behaviours, with brilliant training and a desire to resolve queries and issues at that first point of contact. But most importantly it's keeping them! That’s the stumbling block. How do you keep those fantastic advisors who know so much and how do you prevent them from spring boarding into other teams?

How about making customer service a career? Making sure the customer experience team are seen as one of the most important teams in the business? It’s a journey we are on.

Come and see Alex speak more about developing an attractive career path in customer experience at Customer Experience in Housing on Tuesday 28 January. Book your tickets here.

Alex Nagle

Alex is Head of Operations at Vivid Homes.

Alex has worked in the housing sector for 30 years, focusing on improving customer experience and housing services. Alex worked at Affinity Sutton for over 20 years starting as a housing officer progressing to Head of Strategic Projects before moving to Sentinel and then VIVID. In her current position as Head of Operations at VIVID, Alex is responsible for all customer experience delivered through a range of channels. Alex also heads up repairs planning and scheduling, lettings, income and debt collection and recovery and has a key role in business systems integration projects.

Great customer service - it's all we want!