Housing associations are committed to putting tenants at the heart of everything they do, and this event will give you the practical tools to deliver on this commitment.

Customer Experience in Housing is your opportunity to learn both the theory and practice of the most effective customer experience methods used today. You will hear about the most innovative practices as well as find out what is proven to work across both the private sector and public sector. If retailers, banks or the NHS were doing housing, how would they engage with their customers?

Attend this event to build your case for business transformation. We will give you the tools to prove a solid rate of return, high service user satisfaction and a stronger reputation through customer experience experimentation and investment.

What happened in 2020?

Following on from a successful launch last year, the second year of Customer Experience in Housing proved that there's so many excellent examples of housing associations embracing well thought-out and fully-embedded resident engagement strategies. There were a diverse and wide ranging number of topics covered during the day but there were also some key themes running throughout.

Employee empowerment: recruiting and retaining the right people is key to keeping residents and tenants happy. The culture of an organisation and the employee experience go hand-in-hand, culture impacts employees every day and sets out how they do their jobs. Happy employees = happy residents. Ensuring employees feel empowered to speak up and take action when they see change in required is key to successful customer experience.

Welcoming complaints: complaints aren't necessarily a bad thing, in fact they can be very good. Getting complaints means you know what needs fixing. People who complain care about the service they receiving and are engaged enough to want to make a difference. Every improvement happens because of dissatisfaction with the way things are, as long as you listen to the complaints and act on them.

Empathy: put yourself in your residents shoes. Imagine what it feels like to live where they live, in the home they live in, then think about the experience they have, what issues they might have to deal with. Understanding their challenges will help to know what changes need to be made to improve their situation.

Encouraging feedback: whether that's feedback from residents or feedback from staff, create a culture of sharing both positive and constructive feedback. Be honest and open about where improvements can be made. Don’t overcomplicate it: ask, listen, learn.

Customer Experience in Housing 2019

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